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5 Reasons Why Facebook Should Be Your Top Social Media Marketing Channel

by Caren Waugh

Facebook evolved close to two decades ago and in 2021 still stands as the giant of all social media networking sites globally with with over 2.8 billion monthly active users. 

While most social media entities struggle to remain viable and relevant and others are completely defunct, Facebook continues to provide businesses with the opportunity to create brand awareness, maximize leads, increase sales and achieve their overall marketing goals.

One of the main issues small businesses face is deciding which social media platform(s) will best help them to reach their target audience and grow their businesses.

Here are 5 reasons why Facebook should be your top social media marketing tool.

1. Facebook Is The Largest Social Media Platform

Some of the goals businesses want to achieve include, increase brand awareness, sales, lead generation, and community engagement. A recent Pew Research revealed that Facebook stands out as the main source of news, sports, entertainment, and audience engagement in the United States alone.  With its 2.8 billion monthly active users including all demographics, Facebook provides an excellent opportunity for marketers to reach their target audience with a high level of efficiency and the ability to maximize their return on investment (RIO) providing they have a well-designed marketing strategy. 

2. Facebook Offers Cost Effective Organic And Paid Ads

With over 200 million small businesses using Facebook as their marketing channel globally, Facebook offers marketers affordable ways to reach their target audience via organic or paid advertising.  Organic social media is the foundation of the digital marketing landscape because it is free and proven to be the most authentic way to interact with followers, nurture existing customers and reach potential customers.

Facebook paid ads allow both small and large companies to enjoy myriads of benefits with ad cost as low as $5.99 per day.  The flexibility to set your ad budget in terms of daily spend or for the duration of your ad campaign is also one of the main reasons why The Future of Social Marketing reports that 95.8 percent of businesses they interviewed ranked Facebook as the most effective marketing tool. Facebook also allows businesses to decide how they want their ad to look and who they want to see their ad using its demographic tools.

3. Facebook Provides Real-Time Insights

Facebook Ads Manager allows you to view the performance of every ad you run.  Insights, such as the number of people who sees your ad, the number of people who clicks on your ad, and the overall amount you spend for your ad. Facebook demographic chart in Ads Manager also provides a breakdown of how your ad performs among different age group and gender. The delivery chart shows the projected and delivered value for Reach, Impressions, and Amount Spent.  With these Facebook marketing tools businesses are always in charge and can make informed choices that will align their ads strategy with their business goals.

4. Audience Interaction

One of the main advantages of Facebook is that it gives everyone a voice. Consumers are free to like and share their opinions on products or services. Additionally, influencers can also endorse businesses among their target audience since consumers trust the opinions of their friends and family than any other type of advertising.  Marketers can use this customer psychology strategy to leverage reach and convert leads to actual paying customers.

5. Continuous Growth

Facebook continues to evolve new features on a regular basis and improve on the overall quality of its services. Over the last three years Facebook has added over ten new features to the platform which include: Facebook Live Video, Facebook Fundraisers, Facebook Marketplace and Facebook Events to encourage community building and realize business objectives.  Business owners can rest assured that this leader in social media is poised to offer even more innovative features, affordable advertising options, real-time analytics, user-friendly management tools and an ever growing audience for them to reach with targeted content while striving to increase sales and maximize return on investment (RIO).


Marketing is the key to business success and Facebook is undeniably the largest social media marketing platform that offers business owners a wide range of affordable advertising options that they can include in their social media advertising strategies. It is clear that Facebook’s growth will continue for the foreseeable future so brands can be assured that this network will keep them connected to their customers and help to grow their businesses for many decades.    



For more information on how to grow your small business on social media please leave comments below.


Caren Waugh is the CEO of CW Media Consultants, a proven communications and social media strategist, blogger, and print media contributor who helps small businesses to create brand awareness, strengthen customer relations, and shape their online marketing endeavors with winning social media strategies.





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