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Stay Ahead of The Competition In 2021 and Beyond With Effective Video Content

by Caren Waugh

Since the proliferation of digital technologies social media have become a highly competitive space for businesses as they facilitate easy and convenient ways for consumers to access products and services.

The evolution of digital technologies also influences the constant changes of social media networks, user demands, and content strategies at an exponential rate.

In order for business owners to stay ahead of the competition and scale their businesses they must keep up-to-date and quickly adapt to the rapid social media platform changes and content marketing trends.

Research shows that more than 83% of marketers agree that video content has the best return on Investment (ROI).  So far this year 86% of business owners have included video into their marketing strategy, mainly influenced by the overwhelming increase of video watching by consumers since the start of the pandemic as well as easy access to mobile devices.

Public data shows that 66% of shoppers prefer to watch a video rather than reading about a product. Hence, videos have become a major part of consumers’ social media diet as a means of keeping abreast with their favorite brands. This also accounts for the increased views of social media posts with videos.

Small businesses should endeavor to research the myriad benefits video content provide and include it into their social media marketing strategy in order to increase reach and grow their businesses.

2021 Leading Video Content Strategies

Video ads                                            Tutorials                     

Vlogs                                                   Video Emails

Webinars                                             Video Interview

Live Streams                                        Contests/ Giveaways

Products Reviews/Demos                   Video testimonials                             

For more information on how to grow your small business on social media please leave comments below or tell us which topics you would like to learn more about.

Caren Waugh is the CEO of CW Media Consultants, a proven communications and social media strategist, blogger, and print media contributor who helps small businesses to create brand awareness, strengthen customer relations, and shape their online marketing endeavors with winning social media strategies.

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